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An ultra lightweight trail racing shoe built low to the ground to maximize responsiveness. 8 ounces This web exclusive item ships separately via Standard Ground Shipping to physical street addresses within the continental U.S. only. You can count on this item to ship in 3-5 business days!

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Review: 4.0 out of 5 stars; Editor's Review

The New Balance 790 Trail Shoe is an extremely light trail racing shoe. This light weight, flexible, trail shoe has a thin sole that allows the runner's foot to stay low to the ground and stable while still providing traction and protection in most conditions. Trail runners and racers will find this shoe to be responsive, firm, and fast.

But, the 790 is not suitable for all trail conditions or for all runners. Unfortunately, the tread is not great at channeling mud. Well, that was a mild statement. It is horrible at channeling mud. This is a basic design error that could have been corrected without any performance loss.

The NB 790 is also not great at protecting the foot from sharp rocks. Unlike the poor mud channeling, the lack of protection from trail debris is to be expected in such a light trail shoe. If you want better protection, look for a more substantial shoe.

You should also not expect a whole lot of life out of these shoes. If you are running on fairly soft, smooth trails, you might get 500 miles out of them. If you spend much time on rock or pavement, you might be lucky to get 200 miles before you loose substantial traction.

Choose the New Balance 790 if you are looking for an extremely light trail racing shoe, don't expect to run much in the mud, and like to feel the trail. Stay away from them if you are looking for motion control, protection from rocks, or like to play in the mud. These shoes run a little on the narrow side.

Review: 4.0 out of 5 stars; Review Title: Great in hard packed snow; Reviewer Name: Steve
Avg Weekly Miles: 8; Avg Training Pace: 8.5 min/mile; Years Running: 7 years
Pronation: Neutral; Shoe Weight Pref: Light-weight Trainers; Shoe Toebox Pref: Wide; Weight: 149; Gender: Male

I've been using the 790s on days when the snow on the road is cold and hard packed. They are great for this. There is just enough grip to keep you from slipping around, but the shoes are still light and fast. They are worthless on ice, however.

Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars; Review Title: Great shoe; Reviewer Name: ctxcrossx
Avg Weekly Miles: 50; Avg Training Pace: 7.5 min/mile; Years Running: 15 years
Pronation: Neutral; Shoe Weight Pref: Light-weight Trainers; Shoe Toebox Pref: Wide; Weight: 150; Gender: Male

I have only used this in one race so far, but it is an excellent trail running racing shoe. The shoe is about 8 oz, so should only be used for race situations. The traction is excellent as is the fit. They don't have wide sizes, but the toebox is roomy enough for my EE feet. They have focused on many of the details in this racing shoe, such as a protective layer against rocks in the foot bed as well as an attached tongue so debris doesn't get into the shoe as easily.